Mitchell Landsman's #morbid unicorns


"The Perils Of Pleasure" Here is one of those artists who got back from these old stories with a new approach. His perspective? Contemporary renaissance of the unicorn, transformed by modernism and revolution. Nobdy belives in unicorns, however, our collective memory still keeps them immortal, as they would be here and there, everywhere, always. Real or not, it doesn’t even matter. Giving the fact that someday, someone think about unicorns, it’s enough to give birth to such endless legends and meanings in many cultures and people, gaining their triumphant place in the heard of fantasy creatures. Two very special series belong to Mitchell Landsman, THE UNICORN TRIALS and DISORDERS OF FANTASY, which he explains: “Nearly completely extinct from the world of dreams, the unicorn clings hopelessly to its’ non-existence. The ever increasingly barren sphere of the collective subconscious can no longer support these mythical beasts, and their numbers dwindle daily. Sadistic cruelty has become their mothers’ milk, and they suckle pathetically on that last dried up old teat of the unreal. This series of paintings is intended to bring awareness to the sad plight of this once proud imaginary creature.” The art of Mitchell Landsman invitation2]]>