Dear Magic Animals,


chimera by tsaoshin chimera by tsaoshin[/caption] Magical or fantastic creatures were the first” animals” we attached in a peculiar and wonderful way so inexplicable to us in childhood, while reading stories. Moreover, cartoons illustrated these intense supernatural powers they had. Proof that we are attracted and charmed by the hidden life of the normal world of those mysterious beings far more complex than man. As children we were more able to empathize or understand the universe through imaginary relationships with these magical creatures, these personified heroes which manifested themselves with great enthusiasm and affection, explaining so many beautiful and clear things we get overwhelmed by in adulthood. The idea that we’re getting close to small pets and creatures is confirmed by experts in child psychology. Tales, stories, picture books and drawings of animals and mythical creatures with human attributes give us life lessons without the authority adult figures. Fortunately, the child in us reamins. There is no smoke without fire, in some happier cases. Perhaps behind the mythical existence of vampires, monsters or creatures with supernatural powers who lead a symbolic journey through the world, there is a seed of truth. Perhaps the meanings are much deeper than we think. Maybe we’re not quite able to understand the world and the reason is sometimes overcome by the inexplicable and amazing universe. And it would be boring to refuse showing how magic and better it would be. The two questions in the end of the original article elicited responses from deviantart users and here they are, the most popular mythological and fantasy favorite creatures of them as “spiritual guides” are the WOLF, followed by DRAGON. The first represents loyalty, strength, force survival, grace, courage and duality. Dragon becomes muse for wisdom as an ancient force. There are mentioned werewolf creatures, the bear, unicorn, the griffin, horse and dog. [caption id="attachment_533" align="alignleft" width="381"]playful_snow_harpy_by_sakimichan-d5odkw1 playful_snow_harpy_by_sakimichan[/caption] [caption id="attachment_535" align="alignright" width="400"]snowman by bonnysaintandrew snowman by bonnysaintandrew[/caption] Source and photo gallery: Animal Magic by techgnotic =  ]]>