Basmofilia.ro is a digital space for fantastic tales, mistical wonder, storytelling & art and a sense of meaning found in the stories of the Universe. We aim to uncover myths and arhetypes and unleash fantastical creatures that carry our humanity, but also to savor the beauty and wisdom in fairytales and folk stories. To express the oneness & the togetherness in  the neverending richness of the human psyche, reflected in the world around us, in our personal quest for meaning, growth and happiness.

Being a medium that tries that resuscitate wondrous and meaningful stories from all across the artistic, fantasy and real worlds – and beyond -, Basmofilia is here to remind us about the magic of living your story.

You’ll find articles, interviews and research on how and where mythologies of the world, folklore, modern art, anthropology and psychology meet – in a deep realm of understanding, acceptance, and creative richness within ourselves.

Basmofilia.ro is open to collaborate with creators, dreamers, thinkers and innovators who believe in the beauty of our cosmos, the depth of our psyche and the stories that were born out of this perfect synergy.

For any proposal, contact us at contact at basmofilia dot ro.