Dragobetele, the Romanian St. Valentines: a God of Love with nature-bound rituals of celebrating togetherness


I didn’t know too much about Dragobete, but it would be the Romanian equivalent of Saint Valentine. Like many of us, though. I did not know that it is a celebration of Nature, fertility and young love, of romantic pledges, stemming from birds-ancestors. And how much respect there is, in some communities that never forget […]

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The Troll, the slow titan of Norse countries


We have always been fascinated by Norsemythology. Among steaming breaths and frozen mountains like sleeping lazy giants, slowly breathing cold clouds, through ancestral forests, we found some of the oldest and most creative stories that abound in significance today. The agile creatures with their slow-motion walk fascinates us by their mere existence. Fortunately, the respect […]

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The werewolf, from beast to modern alpha male. An ideal of masculinity and terrors of puberty


Being as popular as the vampires, the lycanthropes were being since the world existed and it’s hard to believe that they could have been killed by silver bullets – the silver bullets were invented in the 14th century. The ability to transform into a huge wolf, howling at the full moon, as an hereditary line, […]

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Frankenstein's monster is not a monster, after all


Hip Adams and sensual Eves, zombies who fall in love and flirt old-fashioned, evil creatures bearing the innocent souls – all of these are modern reinterpretations that seduce and draw us to know the unknown, with the same serenity and pure curiosity, again and again and again. From the video games, Lord of the Rings, […]

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