Interviu cu Otto Constantin: RITUAL, solomonari, strigoi şi sânziene


Cu vernisajul său de pe 5 martie, ne-am adus aminte de episoadele cele mai importante din tradiţia noastră românească: felii de viaţă străveche, transpuse pe pânză abrupt, direct şi pline de esenţă, magnetizând privirile spre tematica cea mai bogată a culturii noastre: obiceiurile româneşti, tradiţiile rurale şi ritualuri păgâne. El e Otto, 24 de ani, […]

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INTERVIEW Breaking the stereotype: a different portrait of the Superhero, by Andreas Englund


Who doesn’t love superheroes? With all their awesome powers and crazy attitude, we wonder if they could really have a normal life, too, as we imagine after every movie or story about them. Well, Swedish painter  Andreas Englund surpasses all our expectations by bringing to life a badass in his 60s, tired or bored , witty and clumsy, […]

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INTERVIEW Oneiric drawings in pens and pencils by Daria Hlazatova


„Daria’s drawings are inspired by fairy-tales, theatre, awkwardness and nonsense. Besides that, she’s an avid music and cinema lover, a confident traveller, a mediocre tambourine player and an excellent home dancer.”, writes on her website. Masks, flamboayant muses, hidden feelings, eyes everywhere (the root of her name means eyes, in Russian) into the patterns and cosmic […]

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INTERVIEW: Kelly McKernan, Ethereal portraits in watercolor


Wandering around whimsical webs of art around the world, we were introduced to the many portraits of Nashville, Tennessee based fine artist and illustrator, Kelly McKernan. Intimacy, delicacy and a serene feeling of a powerful yet feminine force melting, transcending realities. As it says on her webpage, Kelly obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kennesaw State University”. Focusing on opposing […]

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