Dragobetele: the wonderful Romanian version of Valentine's Day, with its mistical rituals and customs


I didn’t know too much about Dragobete, but it would be the Romanian equivalent of Saint Valentine. Like many of us, though. I did not know that it is a celebration of Nature, fertility and young love, of romantic pledges, stemming from birds-ancestors. And how much respect there is, in some communities that never forget […]

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Painter Otto Constantin: "Painting stories of our folklore, we carry on what our ancestors began"


His art reminds us the the most important episodes in our Romanian traditions and folklore: slices of ancient life transposed abruptly on canvas, in hard strokes, capturing our gaze into this rich culture of the most powerful meanings, rural traditions and pagan rituals. He is 25 year old Otto. An artist who likes stuffed cabbage […]

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The Troll, the slow titan of Norse countries


We have always been fascinated by Norsemythology. Among steaming breaths and frozen mountains like sleeping lazy giants, slowly breathing cold clouds, through ancestral forests, we found some of the oldest and most creative stories that abound in significance today. The agile creatures with their slow-motion walk fascinates us by their mere existence. Fortunately, the respect […]

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INTERVIEW Breaking the stereotype: the old Superhero, by Andreas Englund


Who doesn’t love superheroes? With all their awesome powers and crazy attitude, we wonder if they could really have a normal life, too, as we imagine afterevery movie or story about them. Well, Swedish painter Andreas Englund surpassesall ourexpectations by bringing to life a badass in his 60s, tired or bored , witty and clumsy, […]

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Exhibition RITUAL | Otto Constantin, 2015 @ Go Art Projects


“I met Otto in an exhibition by chance. He shyly approached and asked if he could send a portfolio to me. Nothing in the presence of this young boy would betray the strength and determination with which he paints, the lust in finding his subjects and the relaxation which exhibits his works with. Although from […]

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Totoro, God of Death in Miyazaki's movie?


Besides the symbolic names appearing in Spirited Away that can be lightly taken, the obscure duality of chubby Totoro from this fantastic movie is worthy of a deeper look. Those who have not seen the film, certain spoilers ahead At first glance, we’d say that this chubby creature named Totoro brings a lot to a […]

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Symbols in "Spirited Away" send us to sex industry


Did you enjoy Spirited Away, this animated story about spirituality created by Hayao Miyazaki in 2001? Well, we did! Especially when we found out a bit more about some of the discrete mysteries the movie enchanted us with. Some sort of Japanese version of “Alice in Wonderland” with a well defined identity. Far from being […]

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The werewolf, from beast to modern alpha male. An ideal of masculinity and terrors of puberty


Being as popular as the vampires, the lycanthropes were being since the world existed and it’s hard to believe that they could have been killed by silver bullets – the silver bullets were invented in the 14th century. The ability to transform into a huge wolf, howling at the full moon, as an hereditary line, […]

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The old and the new Zombie: the modern delirium


They emerged from the Haitian hot jungles, from the arid northern plains, from the Gaelic mines, from space and time and arrived on Broadway, in video games, movies and parodies, on the streets of America. They’re everywhere. And they are among the few creatures that survived, although they’re outclassed by vampires, Frankenstein’s monsters and other […]

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Vampire, the monster of sexuality and the constant zeal for immortality


The stories are the romantic nickname of literary language of the realities that we can’t fully explain. A epistemology approach that allows harmony between useful and beautiful. All the creatures that appear during the stories are, in fact, metaphors of the most repressed and hidden or insidious fears of ours, let’s say that too few […]

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