10 awkward but worthy, old and new animations


It took a long time until the animation got strongly divided into Disney massive production and anime world. The first became commercial, but full of sweetness, ultimately full of hidden meanings. We love both of them, but I personally got tangled into the Japanese anime. Meh, it’s never too late, we know, we know! The following animation movies are fascinating, complex, deep and full of symbolism, and here and there I hear some minima moralia stuff, too. Let’s ignore Disney animation or anime, here’s a list of awkward stuff  that might delight you visually and spiritually.

Vampiros en La Habana 1985

Juan Padrón created this Cuban film about a vampire, a professional trumpet player who can step into the light thanks to a cure. The problem is that some international mafia is looking for his antidote. Entertainment and the animation are simplistic, but very effective.

Idiots and Angels 2008

It already sounds exciting. A poor guy gets some wings. From here, famous animator Bill Plympton builds and rebuilds delusional moments, but loaded with compassion. However. The animation is pretty surreal and creepy.

Chico y Rita 2010

The authors, Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal y Ton Errando, give us some class with the animation’s music. The film celebrates the legacy of Cuban jazz era and quotes from the film culture. A tribute to Cuba, with its goods and bads, hot passion and amor caliente.

Allegro non troppo 1976

The title reminds us of symphonic music. It’s a parody belonging to Bruno Bozzetto who built it from passages of music and animation, seemingly childish. It is a feast of impudence with a triumphant result. What draws attention to us is the famouse passage of Maurice Ravel to Bolero.

The Illusionist 2010

It took 3 years for the director and comedian Jacques Tati’s script to provide this nostalgic and elegant animation, inspired mainly from silent film. It’s dedicated to those more spiritual, because the story illustrates the changing facets of entertainment, face to face with technological reaction, creating a film that goes on tragicomical.

Watership Down 1978

It looks like the Western traditional genre, it has strong realistic accents besides the story of animals. It’s not about cute bunnies, but rabbits, blood and death. Nature and her wildness in her wonderful delight, an adapted story of that one by Richard Adams adventure, which earned numerous book awards. A classic animation!

The Secret of Kells 2009

Here’s one fancy film that I visually enjoyed. A young man must write the book of Kells to save XIX Irish men. A splendid and candid animation, reminiscent of children’s book illustrations rich in color, paraded around the love for books and nature. It gives us a lesson on understanding and courage with its delicious characters, thanks to Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey.

Sita sings the blues 2008

Another delicious animation by Nina Paley, under Creative Commons. The animation passes known standards, from installation to thematics: legend of Ramayana Ramah, a famous story about Hindu goddess. Ramayana explores human values and the concept of dharma – everything related to proper standards of living in the world,  but with comic characters.

A scanner darkly 2006

A successful animation built over real live action characters after the story of Philip K. Dick, directed by Richard Linklater, where an undercover cop from the future is drawn to a new drug and loses its identity. Intelligent dialogues and an eclectic story line.

Yellow Submarine 1968

Beatles fans? This is one of the films in which humos, psychedelic treats, criticism, emotion and the power of Beatles music cross a courageous story in taboo times.  



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