Exhibition RITUAL | Otto Constantin, 2015 @ Go Art Projects


“I met Otto in an exhibition by chance. He shyly approached and asked if he could send a portfolio to me. Nothing in the presence of this young boy would betray the strength and determination with which he paints, the lust in finding his subjects and the relaxation which exhibits his works with. Although from Constanta, he paints the winter habits in Maramures and Moldavian traditions that are still preserved through pagan rituals in several “islands” of rural tradition. Otto Constantin paints to remember… his strong strokes on his drawings draw you into a mysterious world that can hide anything. Each drawing is a ritual in itself. Otto C. paints violently, managing to translate through personal contours his emotional force of transforming the mundane into supernatural. Assuming his role as a graphic shaman, Otto Constantin exhibits his paintings not only as an artist, but as a representative of an archetype which he insists to bring in its raw state to a conscious audience. Through his labor as an artist, Otto C. manages to transmute into his paintings not only trance rituals, but the superhuman destiny itself, which is possible as it is… I mean it’s beautiful.” text by Mihai Alexandru Pleşu
Bio: Otto Constantin lives his adolescence at the seaside, under the roof of the Queen Mary College of Art. Once admitted to UNARTE, painting specialization, under the guidance of Professor George Moscal, he abundantly exhibits at major events in Bucharest and is present in over 10 group exhibitions. In 2012, Otto participates with his works of art in Bulgaria under international art festival Via Pontica, the History Museum of Bucharest and the Gaudeamus book fair.


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