Memorabilia on Ebay: Alice in Wonderland


One girl’s dream of a victorian world, in which life gets pastel, the characters drink tea, animals are humanized, play and make trips nearby. Actually, she prefers to reflect reality in chimeras, finding similar fantasies to every milestone in his life. There are also shadows and mystery involved. Somehow, no one understands anything, but remains changed forever once smitten with those oddities of this story.
Although I personally never liked the story, seeing an unsuccessful film version with creepy characters I was left with on my retina, I can’t agree more that it has so many meanings, like any large-scale literary metaphor. Its ideas come to life in role plays and challenges of rhetorical questions and the absurd of the situation and find their translation in the the stages through which each of us become mature, consciously or not. Since everything is play and playfulness, Alice in Wonderland  is playing with our minds, claiming innocence, sacrifice, courage, failure, responsibility, friendship and charm of life – in real and imaginary plan. For those who liked the story in particular and have been looking for some great memories to cling on the wall or to meditate on the absurd world in which we get to live here there are.
Original illustration by Davi Hall, for the original Disney movie from 1951
Hall was one of the most famous illustrators in 30s and 50s, responsible for the directing style of animation. This detailed illustration in pastel dates from 1940-1950 and is especially valuable as its author is one who has defined the style and final production. Rarely some of his works are longer valid,. Unique, as they say, for $ 8500. You can find it here
The script of the play from 1983, with autographs of the team
Autographs of the actors behind the production of Great Performances, 1983: Alice in Wonderland, who have played the dramatic story on Broadway, are signed on the 88 pages script. We refer to Richard Burton, Kate Burton, Maureen Stapleton, Austen Pendleton, Kaye Ballard and others. It is even more valuable as the plau is one of the last of Burton’s, who died less than a year after the play was televised. This at $ 8,500.  You can find it here 
Original illustration with flamingos by Willy Pogany
Willy Pogany deals with masterpieces. Until he got there, this illustrator mesmerised by fables, myths, nymphs and fairies, was struggling to become an engineer and help his widowed mother. He liked that, but drawing and painting were more close to his heart so he became an artist. Poverty-stricken and dead hungry, he still was able to get to study in Paris and London and to become art director in America. He illustrated more than 150 books. You can get the original illustration at $ 2995. You can find it here
Original vintage film poster from 1951, Disney
If posters are still a trend, go get one for only 2695 $. You can find it here
Painting in acrylic, vintage frame, Jasmine Becket Griffith
While gothic art is still IN, with its dark shades and misunderstood feelings, get a painting from this revived artist who imagined an Alice doll with her pet, a rabbit skull. For $ 1,199. You can find it here


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