Miyazaki’s Totoro & Princess Mononoke came to life in Seoul


The legacy of Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese kingship of the most witty and complex animated stories of all time – some compare him with Walt Disney – continues to expand despite his retirement from the famous Ghibli Studios. But the Studios have not given up Miyazaki. At least in Seoul.  

While running for a year without its creator and animator who worked with such intensity at hand drawing fantasies that you couldI feel his spirit in the eyes of the characters, Ghibli prepared a big surprise: an exhibition which brought back to life his classic movie characters and magical scenery. Howl’s moving castle, the dainty fire god form Howl’s Moving Castle and the movie creatures and nature spirits, pretty much what means Miyazaki.  Lots of coal, ahem… cookies for everyone!  tumblr_na2pf81grg1szsyb2o1_500-ghibli-fans-rejoice-hayao-miyazaki-to-be-awarded-honorary-oscarIn Seoul, South Korea, at one of the Ghibli Studios you can see Totoro, the fat spirit of forests in the size of 4 meters, and the brave and wild Mononoke, raised by wolves gods. Here and there, Porco Rosso pigs sunbathing. And you can rest on a bench with the ghosts with those black masks from Spirited Away. Ah, and that older woman Yu-Baaba, the baths mistress from Spirited Away, which nobody knows her age, as all of Miyazaki’s seemingly obscure creatures. In addition to the beloved characters of the 73 years old director –  a Oscar winner by the way – fans can admire his miniature installations with the most popular symbols of his animations. Long live Grandpa. And his life’s partner, Isao Takahata (left), the founders of Ghibli.  Untitled-3_01   Surse: Kotaku.com, Studio Ghibli


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