Unicorn Tapestries: unicorn as a Monalisa


Unicorn Tapestries are the most complex and staggering artwork surviving medieval time
Looking for unicorns? You as well might find them in magical herds like that one of Cloisters Museum (Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan), well, if you can afford a trip up there. If you prefer something trippy & outside the box, take a ride to Mitchell Landsman’s art here.
Or maybe you’re a classic, and the fine arts of illustrious painters of past centuries makes you go bananas. From time to time, these work of arts spring up around the corner. From being tamed by a mythical virgin to depicting Jesus Christ, licorns have been through a lot and that’s clearly represented on the seven famous tapestries dating 1495-1505, which we will write about. These seven pieces belonging to medieval age were very cool back then and obviously are rarely seen on our walls. The tapestries were intended to give a touch of warmth and beauty to the big rooms where they were exposed. Their story has been carefully hand sewn with silk and wool.
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